Best quality in the areas of calibration gas supply, software and monitoring, RDE cylinder trolleys, total gas management and maintenance. You can also rely on us in the technologically demanding areas of hydrogen and synthesis gas applications!

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We are also at your side with our existing know-how in the technologically demanding areas of hydrogen and synthesis gas applications. Together we will find the solution that will help you achieve your business goals. Reliable, fast and in the best JAG quality.

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Hydrogen applications

In recent years, the field of forward-looking hydrogen mobility has become a fixture at JAG.

The high flexibility and individuality of the system solutions from JAG leads to new and innovative products, which is why JAG has been serving and actively promoting the market for hydrogen applications for many years. We offer you the complete service for your applications: planning, concept development, risk assessment, engineering, pre-assembly, installation, service and operator concepts.

Quality, functionality and efficiency are our top priorities. With our TÜV ISO 9001: 2015 certification, quality management, process monitoring and continuous improvement are the daily focus.

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Calibration gas systems

In this area we are one of the leading providers in Europe. With our all-round service, we offer you our complete range of services for exhaust gas test benches, from planning through assembly to operation.

  • Planning and Engineering
  • Creation of specifications
  • Draft proposals and elaboration of solutions
  • Assembly coordination
  • Worldwide assembly
  • Acceptance and commissioning monitoring
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Operation of the calibration gas systems including gas management

Our calibration gas systems are only installed with high-quality stainless steel components and branded products.

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H2 Infrastructure

In the field of H2 infrastructure, all our plants are individually tailored to your application and equipped with all the desired safety requirements.

  • Complete hydrogen supply systems for the automotive industry
  • The main focus is on hydrogen combustion and fuel cell test benches
  • Connections for trailers or electrolysers and piped to the test cells
  • Including automation: JAG control system for emergency stop function, control of valves and measuring systems, gas warning systems
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Synthesis gas applications

JAG develops tailor-made synthesis gas systems for testing exhaust gas catalysts. The test benches are used to generate and dose synthetic exhaust gases in order to examine catalyst activities, catalyst storage capacity and deactivation behavior. JAG offers specially optimized systems for the following applications:

  • Synthesis gas/model gas test benches for research and development of relevant catalyst systems (TWC, SCR, LNT, DOC, cDPF, GPF, ASC, etc.)
  • Test benches with a focus on high sample throughput for quality control and assurance of corresponding catalyst batches
  • Aging systems for exhaust aftertreatment catalysts (both cores and complete catalysts)

Both stationary and highly dynamic driving styles are possible. Even the most demanding requirements for heating and cooling rates can be realized in our specially developed furnace/reactor systems. Together with controlled changes in concentration, relevant driving cycles can be simulated.

Together with our cooperation partner PROREC GmbH, we offer modular and highly integrated test bench systems in all the fields mentioned, which offer holistic solutions for the specific needs of our customers. Right from the start, we integrate the necessary test bench gas supply and complex exhaust gas analysis in order to offer our customers real turnkey solutions. Another specialty are our container-based test bench modules. In addition to safety-related advantages, our container systems offer our customers extensive independence from the existing infrastructure on site.

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Automation concepts

JAG gas monitoring offers user-friendly, customer-specific and complete monitoring of the system and offers automated processes for operating the system. This allows you to minimize downtime and optimize uptime. Central monitoring of fill levels and concentrations can reduce costs and incorrect connections. Increased operational and plant safety is guaranteed by the quick detection of leaks or pressure losses. With the help of a gas warning device and emergency shutdown, optimal safety concepts can be guaranteed. Gas cylinder data/concentrations can be managed via a barcode system and initiated directly via an ordering process from the gas manufacturer.

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JAG test bench

JAG offers you testing services for hydrogen and CNG on its own test benches. Ask us about testing capacities!

  • Hydrogen consumption measurement
  • Highly dynamic real gas cycle tests
  • Component tests / pressure vessel tests / functional test
  • Permeation tests
  • Fueling of prototype vehicles
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Gas management and maintenance

Do you lack the specialists and the right know-how to operate the gas supply system? We offer you the all-round service with our total gas management.

  • Operation of the system
  • Maintenance
  • Gas delivery and logistics
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Optimization
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RDE bottle trolley

Our RDE cylinder trolleys offer a mobile test gas supply for exhaust gas measurement systems (PEMS) on the test bench or in the field. The cylinder trolleys have a complete supply of connections and offer space for up to 5 10-liter gas cylinders. The trolleys can be configured individually.

Additional options:

  • Monitoring of gas cylinders and removal
  • Possibility of integration into existing gas monitoring
  • Automated rinsing processes
  • Signal in case of lack of gas
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Gas generators

Gas generators are becoming more and more popular in analytical measurement technology as a safe and economical alternative to compressed gas cylinders. Gas generators also offer some key advantages over traditional gas cylinders. You save costs with the generator, since gas cylinders including delivery are no longer necessary. As a result, our generators demonstrably pay for themselves after around two years of operation!

19" gas sampling plug-ins are a space-saving option for integrating the 2nd pressure stage directly into the exhaust gas measurement system and enable up to 30% better response times for the analyzers during calibration. The slot offers the possibility to communicate print data directly to the measuring system.

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